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Mrs. I. Gean Banks

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Founder | Executive Director 

My Story

Mrs. Banks’ history as a homeless single parent with three children in San Diego, CA, has been attributed to her aspirations to eradicate the absence of life's essential provisions. She has steadfastly championed the notion that housing is an absolute necessity. While homeless, Mrs. Banks did what she thought was necessary to provide for her family making fast money on the streets.


Mrs. Banks was provided a helping hand through a shelter called St. Vincent De'Paul in downtown San Diego. While there, she learned her assignment for a time such as this. After fully dedicating her life to Christ, Mrs. Banks left the street life and has been driven by her genuine love for humanity.  She is resolute in her commitment to employing every available means to support the women and children residing in Killeen, TX, and its neighboring areas, ensuring they are provided with temporary accommodations and any additional resources they may require.


Mrs. Banks has pledged that under her vigilant supervision, no one shall endure hunger, scarcity of adequate clothing, or lack of a comfortable place to rest. 

"We're Here for You!"


Mrs. Banks holds a degree in Social Work. She has several certifications in spiritual counseling and leadership roles in her local & national church. 


  • Thirty-two years of spiritual counseling for women and families in the United States. 

  • 32 years as a Church evangelist in Church Of God In Christ

  • National COGIC …. Leader 

  • Over ----25 years of experience working and volunteering in the transitional home of women. 


Eradicating Homelessness Resource Coordination for

Women & Children in Killeen, Texas. 

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